Pet Microchipping Right at Your Door in Worcester County

Our experienced veterinarian team at Baystate Mobile Veterinary Services is proud to offer pet microchipping as a part of our wellness care. We know how busy life can be and understand that some animals simply don’t like getting into a crate and taking a trip to the vet. That’s why our mobile medical vet center will come to you and microchip your beloved pet if you live in or around Worcester County. 


What Is Pet Microchipping?

Microchipping for pets is virtually painless, anesthesia-free procedure that takes just a few minutes from start to finish. Your pet will likely never even know that this tiny, grain sized device has been inserted near his shoulder blades just beneath the skin. Our Worcester County veterinarian places a small chip inside a syringe and gently performs the implantation in seconds, and pets can resume normal activities immediately.

Why Get Pets Microchipped in Worcester County?

While it’s not a tracking device, microchips have proven themselves invaluable over the years. Pets that have a microchip implant are able to be returned to their owners more than 40 percent of felines and more than 50 percent of canines with microchips manage to reunite with their owners. There’s no need to worry about potentially harmful radio-frequencies, as the microchips are passive devices that only engage when scanned by special detection devices carried by vets and animal shelters.

How Microchips for Pets Reunite them with Owners

Pet owners need to realize that microchips aren’t GPS trackers and cannot locate pets on a whim. The premise of a pet microchip is that a pet on the run or who gets lost might be recovered by a stranger. Due to the popularity and affordability of microchipping, such individuals know to take the pet to a local shelter or vet to be ‘scanned’ for a chip. The chip accesses a data base registry that holds the contact information provided by that pet's owner. For this reason, keeping current numbers and addresses on file with the registry is vital to getting your pet back.

Why Our Veterinarian Recommends Microchipping Pets

There are numerous benefits to microchipping pets, especially for those pets who are a bit timid or who are easily excitable. Some animals are prone to bolting out the door every time it opens, while others might run away out of fear from loud noises such as celebratory fireworks. Pet microchips nearly double an owner's chances of being reunited with their furry friend. The cost of microchipping is typically less than the cost of a routine exam, so there’s no reason not to enjoy the security a chip provides.

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